A. Only members, their spouses, children, grandchildren and guests (with appropriate guest
pass) are permitted to fish the pond.

B. A member’s children and grandchildren under the age of 18, and/or a Member’s spouse
may fish the pond only when in the company of a member. Children under the age of 12
must remain under the direct supervision of a member at all times. The combined creel
limit of the member, spouse and/or children is that of the member alone.

C. Anyone 16 or older must have a valid CT fishing license to fish the pond.

D. Fishing is allowed from first light until dark. No night fishing is allowed.

E. All members must sign in before fishing. A member may sign in for either Catch and
Release or Catch and Keep. Members may keep up to a limit of fish and sign out their
catch. They may then sign back in again to Catch and Release. Once they do so, they
can not add any additional fish to their creel limit for the day. No switching back to
Catch and Keep is allowed.

F. Two fishing rods, each with one single or treble hook is allowed per person.

G. Fishing with corn is NOW allowed as per DEEP regulations.

H. No ice fishing is allowed.

I. Fishing is allowed from the shore only.

J. A Single Membership limit is 3 trout per day, 10 trout per week, and 40 trout per season.

A Family Membership limit is 6 trout per day, 20 trout per week, and 80 trout per season.
The week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

K. All fish caught must be kept and recorded in the book before leaving the pond, unless a
member has signed in as Catch and Release. Catch and Release fishing is allowed by fly
fishing or spin fishing using a fly or lure with a single barbless hook. Catch and Release
fishermen must release all fish caught properly – fish must be handled minimally to
prevent any harm to the fish.

L. Cleaning of fish is allowed on the premises ONLY if being cooked on site and all
remains MUST be carried off of Club premises for disposal.

M. Keep the pond and its surroundings clean. Carry out what you carry in and be courteous,
if you come across trash please remove it and dispose of properly.

N. During the hunting season, fishing is prohibited on stocking days, (Wednesdays,
Saturdays and Thanksgiving) and blaze orange must be worn. Children are only allowed
on Sunday mornings until noon.