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Torrington Fish & Game Club
2016 Stocking Calendar

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Stocking Work Hour Schedule


Last year’s use of the online stocking schedule greatly helped to spreading out work hours evenly through-out the season. We will continue this year in the same manner. In an effort to alleviate the amount of stocking days in which we are shorthanded, I am going to pre-schedule members for specific days and hunting areas. I will be pre-assigning hunting fields as to not interfere with a person’s preferred hunting area. As names, dates and locations come to my attention, I will update the master stocking calendar on the website.

There are a number of ways in which to notify me that you are interested in assisting to stock birds.

  1. Telephone-203-509-9396 If I do not answer, please leave the day you are interested in stocking and what area you prefer to stock. Also, let me know what area you hunt, in case your requested area is already filled, I will assign you a field which does not conflict with the area you would like to hunt.
  2. Email again please leave the pertinent information noted above.
  3. Monthly meetings-If you would like to sign up at the monthly meeting, I will have the master calendar with me.

Also…….When calling or emailing me, please leave a return number or email address in case I have a question.

One last topic…..After speaking with Marshall, we have decided to leave the afternoon stocking process alone. It appears there are no issues with the afternoon stocking, so why change what is working.

Thank You,


Steve Sordi

TF&G Pheasant Stocking Chairman